Established by the initiative of Jay Dabgar to promote the art of beautiful North Indian Percussion “Tabla” and other percussions. The centre provides the following services in Melbourne and surrounding areas.
Lessons in tabla, dholak, dhol and pakhawaj
Sales/ service/ hire of all quality Indian percussion and harmoniums
Workshop/master class on Indian music
Music performance for the public and private concerts and baithaks
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MSIM provides the systematic training in the music, according to the learner’s specific needs and requirements.

Group lessons

MSIM provides group lesson (Min 4) where all the students of the same standard are working and learning the same composition. Learning in a group is fun and enjoyable activity, where all the students are sharing the same goal of learning a specific composition…it gives lot of confidence to the students to work in a group and to accept the responsibilities. It also develops students ‘social skills and ives an idea as to how to work as a team. Group lesson also motivate the students to compete with each other, which in a way boosts the skills and learning of all the students

Individual lesson

Individual lesson focuses on one learner at a time, focusing on many aspects of tabla playing. Such as, technique of playing tabla, tonal quality, Balance and timing of playing compositions and other very fine and important things of playing tabla. The objective of having individual lesson would be, learner will have a very deep and clear understanding of concepts of tabla such as different speeds (laya), very clear understanding correct way of playing (Nikaas) and all the other aspect of tabla playing.
The only thing you need is a computer with the webcam and a mic and a speaker.

In both the styles of learning, Jay focuses on teaching playing technique, the tonal quality of the compositions, the balance and over all clarity of the tabla strokes (bols). Jay believes in teaching tabla as to how it works in Classical as well as non classical music. (Be it Indian or Western) instead of teaching bunch of rhythms and compositions.

Please contact Jay for more details on the fees and the registration for the music lessons or for any other inquiry.

Jay belongs from a family of tabla makers and brings a very rich culture and art of Benaras Gharana with him. After studying tabla for more than two decades from his guru late Pt.Shri Nandan Mehta (Founder of the famous Saptak School of Music) and great Pt.Pooran Maharaj jee (Son of great tabla maestro Padma Vibhushan late Pt,Kishan Maharaj jee).

The school provides the systematic training of tabla to the beginners, intermediate and to advance students aging from 4 and above. While focusing mainly on the Indian Classical tabla, students also learn the different style of tabla for accompanying semi classical, light, spiritual and World music.

The school has its centres in Berwick, Richmond and Truganina, for catering the students from different areas of Melbourne.

MSIM also arranges an Annual tabla concert where the talented students are given the opportunity and exposure to perform the tabla solo and accompaniment on the stage.


  • A teacher who has tons of knowledge to impart, who follows through and keeps You moving :)
    Paul Bana (Adelaide)
  • Jay is an amazing teacher- he is the real deal - he lives breathes and dreams tabla and will teach you an authentic style without pushing to be your Guru or anything. He'll just share his amazing knowledge and abilities with you, and probably make you delicious chai and snacks too!
    Kahl Hopper (Adelaide)
  • Studying tabla with Jay was exactly what I was looking for. Lessons were always informative due to his vast knowledge and expertise. I was always inspired by his passion & playing ability.
    Tim Irrgang (Adelaide)
  • Ever since I started learning this fascinating instrument, I love it more and more. The tabla has very exact, oral, mathematical notations. Therefore, only a talented and experienced teacher can make this learning possible.
    Kamaal Khelwaty (Adelaide)
  • Jay is an excellent tabla teacher who is able to gauge students' level of skill in tabla. He gives helpful feedback during lessons to ensure that students are constantly improving. He also includes engaging and interesting elements in his lessons to encourage students to pursue their goals in playing tabla.
  • Jay is an excellent teacher of tabla, and he knows his subject well. I have no hesitant in recommending him to anyone wishing to learn tabla.
    Rajesh Prakash
  • I have been learning Tabla for few years and have had few different Tabla-Gurus and without any doubt I rate my current Tabla-Guru, Jay Dagdar, as the best and most helpful. After leaning Tabla for few years and having few different Tabla-Gurus, I rate my current Tabla-Guru, Jay Dagdar, as the best.
    Shri Prasad
  • Jay is a dedicated tabla player and mentor for all who want to expand their knowledge in tabla. He is highly experienced and professional which you see in his lessons and in the results he creates for his students. He will never let you go with shortcuts or mistakes which I am grateful for that because I know I will learn to play correctly and therefore get more enjoyment out of my own playing. I would recommend jay for anyone who is looking for a solid and enjoyable music education in the art of tabla.
    Ravi Madhawan
  • I have been learning tabla from jay Dabgar for almost 2 years. I have never been a consistent student due to work but every time I take break and contact Jay back for more lessons, he has always take me under his compassionate wing to nurture my love for tabla. His way of teaching is just like we get it in a traditional way in India or Pakistan. He has deep knowledge and understanding of the instrument because he has followed and gain knowledge from true Ustads and gharanas. The way jay teaches anything is very authentic, he explains the difference between gharanas and different ways of reciting and playing the same bols in different gharanas. This can only come from someone who has gain knowledge and practice tabla from true legends. God bless him and his family, I m very lucky to be his student.
    Syed Haider
  • My 9 year old son started few months back his tabla lessons from Jay and I must say that I am highly impressed with the way Jay teaches his students. He starts from the basics and teaches in a very systematic and professional way. He not just teaches the kids how to play well but also gets them to enjoy their playing. The results are very evident from the kids progress. Thank you Jay.
    Bhaskar Maddala
  • My son enjoys learning Tabla from Jay. Jay's approach in giving him the principles underlying the patterns makes my son think and come out his own variations - this gives him a great sense of excitement and achievement.
    Radhey Shyam